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I don't add strangers anymore, nor do I post anything besides personal daily things here.
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On a semi permanent hiatus.

So updates will occur few and far between.

Sorry guys, real life happens.

Check my Wordpress and fan-fiction accounts for updates.
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The Walking Dead - Season 4 Beth x Daryl?

So, I’m obsessed with this show and after seeing the trailer for Season 4 I noticed a small Daryl and Beth moment (did anyone else see it?) which made me finally have an official ship for this series cause I’ve never actually shipped anyone. Sure I like Lori and Rick together but her death was inevitable.

And when I realised that both Daryl and Beth are original characters made for the TV series I was like, well, why not. I mean, I know the age gap is a rather large one – she’s 17, almost 18 and he’s supposed to be in his late 30s to early 40s – but I really think Beth is the one character that can keep Daryl happy. I mean Carol has to much damage – uh, dead husband and daughter? – and Daryl doesn’t need that baggage along with his own background. But as I went online looking for other peoples opinions, I found that a lot of people speculate that its mainly a "friendship" and that they will stop watching the series if the two get together.


I look at this picture and honestly, all I can see is love. Honestly, why would they add it to the trailer if the two weren't going to have some kind of strong romantic connection / moment? Maybe its just going to be a school-girl crush on Daryl on Beth's behalf but honestly, I can see this working quite well (I mean Beth's actor, Emily Kinney is 28 and Norman Reedus is 44) and may even stir the pot for everyone hoping to see a Carol and Daryl relationship.

So what is everyone's thoughts on this pairing? I am starting to write fanfiction for them and post them directly to wordpress and then to so check out the links if you want to read them.

So.... LOST.

Its been a while, huh? LJ really is dying. Posting here seems unnecessary now since no one ever comments anymore or sends messages. But, since I recently finished watching LOST, I thought I would write a little post to recap the series (even though the show has been finished since 2007).

So, the following is my own recognition of the mysteries from the island and the overall plot points.

Spoilers under cut.

Collapse )
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Fanfiction Cull

Hi. Just a quick update here about what I'm currently doing. So recently I noticed that a lot of my old fanfiction was really badly written and didn't attract a lot of attention so I have deleted all the stories I am not happy with from Fanfiction.Net. Its a personal reason mainly but I just find that I don't need those stories posted in my profile when I write so much better now.

Also, I know those of you who follow me on there and here may notice that I have posted a lot of Eric and Sookie stories and have yet to update in about...hmm... about three months now. I am in the process of writing chapters for most of my stories and wanted to have them all available to post up at once, save posting one chapter and then a month later posting another.

Stories that will have the most of my attention right now:

The Sky The Dawn The Sun - M - AU. Eric Northman is the leader of a group of vampire Vikings at war with the fairies of Fae. After a battle, Eric finds himself face to face with the Fae princess herself. - 7 of ? Chapters.

How To Get There - M - College student Sookie Stackhouse is in her final year of college with friends Amelia and Tara. Amelia finds a new club and manages to get the girls to have a night out. There she meets a sexy bartender who sweeps her off her feet. But with Sookie's past history of bad relationships, can she trust him? All Human. Not Beta read so no flames / nasty comments please. Reviews welcome. - 1 of ? Chapters.

Ink Me, Baby - M - Eric Northman owns a tattoo shop. He has a close group of friends he trusts more than anyone else in the world. One day, a blonde haired woman walks into his shop and his life. All Human. Sookie x Eric. Rated M to be safe. - 8 of ? Chapters.

Across The Sea - M - Sequel to "The Other Side." Drogo joins his wife as she crosses the sea to reclaim her Throne. Starts as of S3E1. Rated M for mature themes and violence. Updated regularly. - 1 of ? Chapters

The Deepest Wounds - M - Eric Northman receives a phone call at one in the morning from his daughter's babysitter with horrible news. All Human. Alternate Universe. - 1 of ? Chapters

Our Inner Fire Goes Out - M - Eric Northman is many things: he is the co-owner of a successful bar, has been a fire fighter for almost five years and is in love with his best-friend's younger sister. But when tragedy strikes and Eric is forced home, will he be able to confront a lost friend and a girl he thought hates him, only to realise she had pined for him as much as he has her. All Human. POV story. - 2 of ? Chapters.

Hopelessly Devoted - M - GoT AU. Dany is an heiress and Drogo is a gang leader. Viserys and Jorah make an appearance. A retelling of Dany and Drogo's relationship in Modren Times. "Ah, Dany," he said, bringing her close to his chest, "You look beautiful, my darling girl." Rated R for language, sexual situations, drug and alcohol references, violence. Reviews and Comments are most welcome. - 6 Chapters of ?

Also, have just started watching Da Vinchi's Demons. Have six episodes to watch.
Devlin and Nina

Intense Feelings Is Over... For another Season.

So intensefeelings a sims 2 story written by the fantastic dragonfly3007 has finished its fantastic Season 5 and Season 6 will be starting soon. For those who haven't read the story, its the story of evils twins, magic and vampires, and takes ideas from soap operas and harlequin style romance novels set in modern day with lots of twists and turns along the way. Its one of my favorites and will continue to be for many years.

So its all over and done for now and the next season, which is supposed to be more "Intense" starts soon. I, personally, cannot wait because I have followed this story from start to end and have watched characters grow and love and be awesome with each other. Please check it out - its a great story and will have you hooked.
Cloud and Tifa

Just throwing it out there

So livejournal is slowing down a lot these days and like everyone else, I tend to forget posting in my journal every so often but I still use my account to post fanfiction and check various other communities and places to support my fandom addiction.

I've recently decided to change my journal to "Complete Friends Only," making all other posts past my Friends Only post completely private to me and all you guys that are on my friends list. There is no need to worry though because I don't do friend-cuts. If you're a "mutual" friend then you will remain a "mutual" friend, I don't have the time to go through and add/change/remove people. Same with adding people now.

I don't think I will be adding many more people mainly because I follow so many already and don't need more journals on my friends page.

That is all. For now.