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Butterflies in my brain... :)

creative thoughts of an australian, a wife and a childcare worker

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Ashlee. 24. Married. Australian Girl. Buddhist. No musical ability. University dropout. TAFE. Qualified. Pierced. Tattooed. Working. Non-Smoker. Dancer. Partier. Boozer-on-occasion.

I am over 18 years old. This journal contains content that may upset anyone under the age of 18. Please send a message if you friend me as I do not add blank journals. I cut who and when I feel like it.

This journal contains: random and personal thoughts, memes and links to various things. Most posts are locked as FRIENDS ONLY (with the lj tag of !bloggish) but some posts are public.

Below are links to where you will find me here on livejournal and elsewhere around the internet. Enjoy.